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Digital Media

Digital Media is a track available to students, allowing them to explore their creativity and establish a “brand,” digitally. In Digital Media, students are provided the opportunity and resources to digitally storytelling, via written word, film, photo, and animation, all while comprising a portfolio for their future career paths.

Students become proficient in various programs such as GSuite, Buncee, FlipGrid, iMovie, Adobe Creative Suite, and more throughout their various years in the Digital Media track.

In sixth grade, students begin with Pre-Digital Media to get their creative juices flowing while getting acclimated with the digital landscape. In seventh grade, students take Digital Media, where they dive deeper into more specific and demanding digital projects. In eighth grade, students take Film, and from there, students have the ability to focus their craft with internships in the field with our partners such as Tribeca, HBO, and MoMI.

6th Grade

Students brainstormed, mapped, scripted, created, & edited films (via iMovie) about various subjects. These films include a Book Trailer, where they had to “sell” an independent book that they’ve read in Humanities class to their peers, as well as an “I Am” memoir where they express key features of their identity via film.

Some Examples
7th Grade
Students explore the art of digital photography through emerging creative technologies. Students experiment with animation through stop-motion.
Some Examples

8th Grade

Students take their collected pragmatic, software skills and begin applying them in a creative space. Through study and use of film theory, students create artistic depictions of their own world with notable personal style. As students navigate new editing technology, they are guided by our professional partners. In the past, we have had representatives from Tribeca Film, the Museum of the Moving Image, and HBO.

Some examples