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Advisory Camp TYWLS is a two-day, whole-school, immersive project that builds community and norms around important protocols, fostering a sense of shared ownership. ACT reinforces the central role of advisory at TYWLS as a program committed to strengthening the mind, body, and soul of our staff and students.  As with year-long advisory, ACT celebrates a diversity of voices and allows students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves as individuals, but also as members of a larger community. 

Video: Learn more from 11th grader, Trianne!

Intensives Blurb for Website:

What are Intensives?  

At the end of December, we pause normally scheduled courses, and we dedicate two full weeks working with students on one project culminating in a public exposition. We call this innovative program Intensives. 

We created Intensives as a way to challenge our students to deeply study a subject or area, but also as a lab of project based learning for teachers to experiment and transfer PBL to their regular courses. Intensives focus on 21st century skills, literacy and real world experiences, including visits from experts in the area they are studying. Intensives also focus on field trips to meet experts in their workplace, or to see the field of study in action. Intensives are a chance for students to try something they have never experienced before or to dive deeper into something they love. 

Intensives range from fitness challenges and photography to set design and robotics and are now a part of the culture of our school. Because of this innovative program, our students have been authentically challenged and exposed to potential careers.

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