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Riley's Way

Riley’s Way Councils connect public and private high schools to inspire teens to lead with empathy and kindness, and create programs that drive positive change in their communities. We directly empower young people to lead the Riley’s Way movement by building connections and  fostering meaningful relationships with peers, mentors, and community members from all walks  of life.  

Through the Council, teens practice leading with kindness and building bridges across barriers in  their communities. TYWLS Astoria works with students from the Hewitt School, and meet regularly and learn, grow, and serve together as community change-makers.

Together, Council members engage in three key activities:

1. Building connections across and within their schools, providing students with  opportunities to build relationships, challenge assumptions, and gain a deeper  understanding of different identities and experiences.  

2. Building and practicing leadership skills that emphasize kindness and empathy.  

3. Learning about and improving social issues in their communities by working with a  community partner to design and implement a service project. 
Riley's Way to open to high school students (grades 9-12). Our council meets about twice a month, with some additional events throughout the year. We ask that interested students commit for the full school year. To learn more and apply to join, please email our faculty advisor, Allison Gaia at [email protected].