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Software Engineering

At TYWLS of Astoria students can opt into a 7-year computer science track. Students who choose to participate in this program study a wide variety of coding languages and topics like web development, app development, python, javascript, and java. Our SEP students graduate with a CTE endorsement on their high school diploma, paid industry experience, college credit, and the skills to pursue a career in computer science.
SEP Course Progression
Grade Course
Intro to SEP
Web Development I
Creative Programming
(p5, a Javascript Library)
Web Development II
(Javascript, Python)
App Development
12th Career and Financial Management + Internship or Capstone Project
Additional Computer Science Related Opportunities



In 2019, two high school seniors created a new initiative called Coding Exchange whose mission is to bring computer science education to students in underrepresented countries. During the school year, they raised $17,000 to travel to Mendoza, Argentina in July. They spent 8 days at their first partner school teaching students there how to code using donated micro:bits and laptops. They hope to continue this project every year, and travel to new countries bringing coding education worldwide! You can follow them @codingexchange.




Every year 50 to 75 students have collaborated to create our Digital Dance: a project that blends coding, graphic design, animation, filmmaking, dance, and robotics into an integrated performance art piece. Each year students learn from their mistakes and successes, and challenge themselves to find innovative ways of incorporating new technology. This video documents the creative process. 


In 2017 we partnered with Cornell Tech to form a FIRST Robotics team. Every Wednesday afternoon our high school team travels to Cornell’s maker space on Roosevelt Island to learn from experts and create their winning robot. Tania, one of the team’s captains, was recognized nationally for her leadership. Last year our team advanced all the way to the Citywide Qualifiers. The team is always looking for corporate sponsors to help them buy parts and grow their outreach! Follow them @tywlsrobotics. (Our middle school students also participate in a growing middle school Lego Robotics team.)





Our entire middle school and about 50 high school students participate in our annual hackathon. Students spend a full day identifying a problem within our community and developing a tech solution. In 2019 our winning middle school and high school teams both went on to compete in the Queens Borough Wide Competition, and our middle school team came in first place City Wide.