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The Young Women’s Leadership School (TYWLS) of Astoria is proud to be part of a vibrant network of Young Women’s Leadership Schools in New York City, as well as affiliate schools across the nation. As part of Student Leadership Network, we are dedicated to nurturing and empowering the next generation of leaders by promoting high-quality learning opportunities and creating a culture that fosters college enrollment and completion. 
Our holistic approach to education addresses the “whole girl” — developing competence in four core areas: leadership development, college and career awareness, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), and health and wellness. Our programming supports the comprehensive growth of our students, preparing them to thrive in a range of environments and challenges.
Our school participates in the CollegeBound Initiative (CBI), in which a director of college counseling implements a comprehensive early college awareness and guidance program. This is crucial for developing a college-going culture in our school that sets the expectations for where students will attend college, not if they will. Through this program, students get help in evaluating and selecting colleges, and attend college fairs and group trips to visit some colleges, workshops to assist in college and financial aid applications, career days at corporations, and peer support for transitioning to college and persisting in college.

Student Leadership Network
Student Leadership Network believes in the potential of all students and is cultivating a generation of young people empowered to lead. The organization works with every student, developing their abilities to achieve their educational ambitions. Its nearly three-decade track record demonstrates higher college enrollment and graduation rates, significantly surpassing national benchmarks. Student Leadership Network advances educational equity by increasing access to higher education in under-resourced public schools nationwide through two models: 
* The Young Women’s Leadership model elevates practices in girls'+ schools that lead to success and ultimately change the face of leadership. It is currently being implemented at 24 schools nationwide. 
* The CollegeBound Initiative model develops a college-going school culture— creating high expectations and viable pathways for postsecondary success. It is currently being implemented at 50 schools nationwide including 38 co-ed schools.
Student Leadership Network students are prepared to thrive, not only in school but in life. Higher education yields greater economic mobility, deeper civic engagement, and improved health. Entire communities are lifted, and the country is stronger. When ALL students succeed, we ALL succeed. 
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