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Special Education & Student Support Services


Basic Overview
Special Education includes services, programs, and specially designed instruction to meet the individual needs of a student with a disability.

Some of the many programs and services offered at TYWLSA include Integrated Co-teaching, SETSS, Alternate Assessment Portfolio (NYSAA), and Related Services.

These services also include Transition Services, which support post-secondary success and help students to attain College & Career Readiness with additional credential and diploma options. Students, ages 15 or over, with an active IEP or 504 should click here to learn more about transition services and what you can do now to prepare.

For a more in depth look at services and overall guidance about special education, please refer to the New York City Department of Education’s Family Guide to Special Education Services, (Arabic), (Bengali), (Chinese), (Korean) (Spanish), (Urdu)

To gain further information on Special Education Services at TYWLS Astoria, please contact our Inclusion Coordinator, Michelle Cunningham, at [email protected]

Program Description
To ensure an inclusive environment and success for all students, TYWLSA:

- offers ICT classes in ALL core subjects at EVERY grade level in order to best serve all of our students.
- has two guidance counselors, a college counselor, and an ENL teacher for a population of nearly 600 students, approximately 100 of whom have IEPs. We also have a School Based Support Team and Related Service providers on site several days each week consisting of a school psychologist, a family worker, a social worker, a speech therapist, a hearing teacher, and an occupational therapist.
- programs ICT classes first to ensure a thoughtful and beneficial blend for all students in each class.
- conducts Special Education Team meetings bi-weekly.
- facilitates work-based learning opportunities for all students.
- hosts college and career fairs for all high school students and arranges field trips for every grade level, 6-12, to visit at least one college campus each year.
- has comprehensive CHAMPS and PSAL sports programs for middle school and high school, respectively, which supports the model of total inclusion and helps motivate students to attend classes and keep on track.
- ensures English Language Learners continue to receive supports until graduation.

Helpful Links
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Working Papers Info

Michelle Cunningham, Inclusion Coordinator, [email protected]
Grace Loughney, Transition Coordinator, [email protected]
Larisa Cox, ENL Teacher, [email protected]
Dr. Allison Persad, Principal
Michael Cohen, Assistant Principal