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Applicants (Prospective 6th Graders)

Screened Admissions (eligible for students residing anywhere in the borough of Queens) in which the DOE reviews student attendance, test scores, and grades from 4th grade.


This means that students with the highest performance in those above areas will be placed in any available seats with highest screened Group 1 admitted first, then Group 2, etc based on Grade 4 scores and grades.  


There is a seat pool for General Education (GE) students and smaller seat pool (based on district ratios) for Special Education (SE) students.  


The typical timeline is a family deadline of early December, but are not first come first serve via the MySchools system.  You should review family videos in all languages at for this year’s updated deadlines and procedures.


MS MySchools Code: Q56M


For questions regarding MySchools, speak with your current School Counselor.


For more information on MySchools inquiries, please email [email protected].