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Welcome! Student Junto is a collective group of two representatives from each grade working together to create a better community in TYWLS of Astoria. Sub-committees, run by the grade representatives will be created to focus and address their set goals to improve TYWLS

Our goal: This is a club for the mutual improvement of ourselves, our school, and our community. The purpose is to create student leaders who will be future leaders. During our time here at Student Junto, we would like to really hear the voice of the students. With sub-committees, the representatives will work together in order to make TYWLS a stronger community.


What are sub-committees?
They are smaller groups that will be coordinated by the representatives to work together and focus on a smaller goal.

How many people are in sub-committees?
There will be 4 to 5 representatives coordinating this group, they are allowed to invite students from any grade to join their committee.


When will these committees meet?
Representatives will be in charge of scheduling meetings with their groups before or after school during lunch.


What do we expect?
That during the time Student Junto meeting you construct a goal sheet and a game plan to achieve your goals. During the meeting, you will present the progress your committee has made since the last meeting.

Where- The Student Junto mailbox in the main office
When- Friday, September 23rd

Think Before You Apply:
Can you make all the meetings?
If you’re absent twice, you will be excused from the group and another student from your grade will receive your spot.

Do you feel you have a good relationship with the students in your grade?
This matters because you are the voice of your peers. Any issues students have they should feel comfortable enough to come to you.

Will you go out of your way to make sure the needs of the students in your grade are met?

Are your goals realistic?

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Rodyna Mostafa


I really enjoy spending time with family and friends. I love traveling and learning about different backgrounds. I like listening to Arabic music and watching Egyptian shows!

Pema Chuntso


I am an advocate for environmental awareness in my country of origin, Tibet. Some of my favorite activities include playing and watching sports, watching documentaries, and listening to music. My main goal in life is to bring awareness to environmental issues across the globe.  

Junior Co-director

Sophia Fiallo 


Trinity Halls


I love volunteering at school events like Open House, Student-Led Conferences, Multicultural and many more! In my free time, I love to study, color code my notes and read. My favorite author at the moment is Abbi Glines. I also enjoy playing TYWLS Softball. GO PHOENIX!!!

Middle School Grade Representatives

6th grade

Cianya Zermeno Rojas


I live with 4 parakeets, my sister and my parents which makes it a bit loud at home since my birds love to talk. I love astronomy and find the universe very interesting, so I am always reading stuff about it and learning about it. I also love to read books and to play games with my sister and my friends like cards and chess.

Dalila Garcia


I love to read and write during my free time. I'm also interested in learning different languages (most recently Hawaiian). I joined Student Junto to give back to the amazing TYWLS community. 

7th grade

Elena Altebrando


I love to do Musical Theater. I have seen 11 Broadway shows. I have been in many performances. Dancing and singing are some of my passions. I love to help people and support childhood cancer research.

Isabella Horta


I love to help and contribute to as much as I can, being a part of TYWLS. I am also a level 7 competitive gymnast.

8th grade

Karol Espinoza


I like to focus on accomplishing all the goals I set for herself. In my free time, I like to read poems, bake, and play sports. 

Duaa Ahmed


I like to read and listen to music. My favorite activity is hanging out with friends/family.

High School Grade Representatives

9th grade

Mia Soret


My nationality is Colombian and Cuban. I enjoy coding, law, and hanging out with my dogs. I enjoy spending time with family and traveling.

Mayra Veintimilla


My background experiences are working with others to get something done, working with young adults to teach them, and a bunch of volunteer hours. Interests are string theory, Poincare conjecture, dark web, cognitive psychology. My hobbies include soccer, volleyball, and softball, reading books, watching movies, playing chess and checkers, painting walls, organizing my closet, and playing the guitar.

10th grade

Jadei Jara 


I am a member of the drama club in TYWLS. After school, I attend a college-bound program where we do debate.  I also like supporting and helping my fellow peers. In my free time, I love singing to my family and hanging out with friends. 

Nora Anzer


I am on the Outdoor Track & Field Team as well as the Table Tennis Team. I enjoy planning events, baking, traveling and spending time with my family.  

11th grade

Paige Rodriguez


In my downtime, I enjoy reading, listening to music, and taking care of the garden that I am making in my apartment. As a class representative, I want to give a voice to the quieter girls in my grade, and to be the change that they want to see in TYWLS.

Nicole Soret


I do a lot of law-related work outside of school. I am in a Constitutional Law Debate program and have interned at law firms throughout the city. I also take writing classes on Saturdays, where I learn about grammar and writing conventions. In my free time, I like to watch Netflix and read. 

12th grade

Jaspreet Lal







I’m interested in pursuing Computer Science in college. I've taken the SEP course at TYWLS for three years and I've developed a passion for the technology field. As a current robotics student, I've had the opportunity of furthering this passion and learning about how we can connect technology to our day-to-day lives. A random pastime is decorating and organizing, whether it's paperwork or the artwork on my bedroom wall. 

Michelle Sarker


I have a passion for giving back and changing the world. I am currently a part of a student initiative called Coding Exchange where my team and I travel to underrepresented countries to teach students how to code. I will be going to Adelphi University in the fall as a Nursing major and will be a part of the Levermore Global Scholars leadership program!