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Below is the link to watch TYWLS Astoria games. Managers for each of our teams will be live streaming games.
Please be sure to also check out our Athletic Director's page to ensure all your required paperwork is completed to participate!
High School Athletics
Fall Teams (Season ends end of October or in November)
Coach: Akhil, [email protected]
Coach: Lindsay & Cathy, [email protected] & [email protected]
Coach: James, [email protected]
Winter Sports (Winter Season starts in November until February or March)
     *Tryouts will be held in end of October and beginning of Nov.
Coach: Akhil, [email protected]
Coach: Norman, [email protected]
Girls Varsity Softball
Coach: Akhil, [email protected]
Girls Outdoor Track
Coach: James [email protected] 
Middle School Athletics
Middle School Volleyball Team 
Season: Dec. 1st 2021 - February 17th 2022
Dates: Wednesdays & Thursdays 2:45pm - 4:15pm
Coach: Solomon Fisher-Smith, [email protected]
Middle School Table Tennis Team
Season: February 28th, 2022 - June 13th 2022
Dates TBA
Coach: Norman Wu, [email protected] 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I can't attend tryouts? 
Answer = Please make sure to contact the coach if you are not able to attend the tryouts. The more practice/days you attend, the better you get!

2. How many students make the team?
Answer = The numbers for each team will vary and will be the coaches decision. Coaches may also put an additional 1-3 managers on each team. Managers will vary in responsibility (talk to coach about this)

3. I was on the team last year, do I have to attend tryouts?
Answer = YES! No one will be guaranteed a spot on a team without attending tryouts even if you were on the team last year. Please email your coach if you can not attend.

4. How often do you practice?
Answer = Depending on the coach, typically all sports will have practices 3-6 days a week with at least 1-2 games in a week. 

5. I am interested in attending tryouts but I will have a busy schedule in the fall including other extra curricular activities, College Now classes, PSAT courses and extra help. Should I attend tryouts?
Answer = Yes! Although nothing will be guaranteed, complete your paperwork, attend tryouts and have a conversation with your coach to see how if we can balance your athletics and your other after school activities.

6. How will the current pandemic of COVID-19 affect after school sports? 
Answer = TYWLS of Astoria staff and students will still be required to wear masks and follow CDC guidelines during practices and games. Coaches and students will also be randomly tested for COVID-19 throughout the season.

7. Can I tryout for more than one sport?
Answer = YES! Each student must submit a separate parent consent form for each sport. You can tryout for more than one sport however you will only be able to participate in one sport for the season. Example: If you are cut from the Volleyball team, you may join the Soccer team! 

8. I submitted my updated PSAL Pre-Participation Exam Form , do I need to submit another one?
No need to! This question was for only the students that participated in PSAL sports and had a recent medical form completed. Since the PSAL Pre-Participation Exam Form lasts one calendar year, it won't expire until next school year.  However all students must submit all of the other forms.