Core Values » Leadership


At TYWLS Astoria, leadership is at the core of all our beliefs as an agency of students and staff voice is at the foundation of all our innovation and drive. 

Our school is filled with strong womxn who are dedicated to creating a collaborative space where our entire community can grow. 
We are dedicated to cultivating the voice, agency, and confidence of girls and young womxn who will challenge and improve our world. 
We believe leadership does not lie in a title, rather than in small every day decisions that you can make to impact the lives of another. 
Some of our guiding principles allow students to:
- Create, develop and lead any club or organization of their choice
- Sit on an advisory committee with Student Leadership Network and make policies informing practices across all 5 TYWLS Schools
- Participate in student council and or Student Junto
- Represent the mission and vision of TYWLS at state, city and international events 
and so much more