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State of Our Schools: Students collect food to feed Brooklyn's hungry

Eleventh Grade Leader Gabriela Mendoza who also participates in the Emerging Leaders for Social Justice Institute and was pretty busy this weekend.

She volunteered to give food out to the good people of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and she made the news. We are incredibly proud of her hard work, compassion and dedication to her community.

"She fearlessly and naturally stepped up and represented like the leader she is on behalf of ELSJI. "

2020 AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award

TYWLSA is proud to be a recipient of @CollegeBoard's Female Diversity Award for AP Computer Science Principles. Research shows that female students who take #APCSP in high school are more than 5x as likely to major in computer science in college.

2019 Digital Principal Of The Year

Our Principal won Digital Principal Of The Year. She has encouraged students to learn more about technology. Ms. Persad launched a 7-year study track. She was successful at providing each student with their own laptop.

Middle Schoolers Recognized For Victory For Hack League

Our Middle Schoolers were honored for resolution by Gianari. They were recognized for winning first place in the city-wide hack league. The challenge was to use computer science to solve a problem which was to find a problem in your community and solve it. The girls decided to fix a problem with pollution.

Coding With The Pope

8th grade student Nicole, visited the Pope Francis in Europe and teaches him how to do a line of code.
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