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As the technology crew we are determined to show teachers and students the benefits of using web 2.0 tools. Our main goal is to facilitate the lives of students and teachers at TYWLS of Astoria. In this wikispace you will find school-friendly websites that will assist teachers in making work assignments appealing to the students, thus creating an exciting curriculum. We hope that this will build a fun and enthusiastic educational environment where students and teachers are actively involved. Additionally, we will be also offering technology intensives that will be taught by the interns along with the help of Andrea Chaves. Through these intensives students will learn more about the web 2.0 tools and how to navigate different computer programs.

To get started you can see the tabs on the side and browse websites by the categories:


  • Photo Elements

  • Presentations

  • Communications

  • Movie Making

Each category will have web 2.0 tools with its description and explanation of how teachers can apply it to their classroom course.

If you need any assistance you can e-mail us at:


Photo Elements

The web 2.0 tools below are dedicated to help you edit photos, create Gifs and share it with the rest of your colleages.

Presentation Tools

All of the web 2.0 tools below can be used for making powerpoint types of presentations. While others can just be used as visual aid such as Wordle, most of these tools give you many cool options including music, timing effects, and the overall look of the presentation.

Communication Tools

These tools' purpose is to help students communicate their projects to their fellow colleagues and teachers. While students can use them for group projects, teachers can use it as a way to share their classwork tasks and other reminders.

Movie Making Tools

All of these tools below have the primarily function of letting students and teachers create their own movie. You can use photos or images or just start from scratch with the animation options provided. Music, sound effects, timing and other cool features are offered, so you can let your imagination and skills take over!



Bouncy Ball is a fun website were students can visualize music and monitor noise levels with various games.

Click here to try for yourself!

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