The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria is an all-girls college-bound school with a mission to create the next generation of extraordinary women. Ann Rubenstein Tisch as the Founder and President of Young Women's Leadership Network (YWLN), an organization that operates The Young Women's Leadership Schools (TYWLS), a network of all-girls public schools which affords us a full-time counselor through CollegeBound Initiative (CBI), a co-ed college access program has created the TYWLS schools with the expectation that we wear our uniforms with pride and solidarity. 


Ann's vision was to provide students growing up in low-income communities with a high-quality college preparatory education modeled upon the finest private schools. We honor the privilege of being a part of a network which affords us college-bound counselor, college trips, partnerships, after school programs.   Our mission at TYWLS Astoria is to encourage community, sisterhood, and respect. Our school uniforms are a part of that mission and all students are required to follow this policy. 


Students are required to wear the school uniform each day. See the images below. 

 *All uniforms must be from Lands End (or from Flynn and O’Hara prior to 2015-2016) 


Regular Uniform (Wear this on: All non-gym days, field trips, YWLN events): 

  • White-collared polo shirt with the TYWLS logo, long or short-sleeved 

  • Gray pants (flat front or chino)  or grey skirt 

  • Shoes: Students may wear closed-toed  flat shoes or sneakers 

  • TYWLS Sweater, vest or sweatshirt with school logo 

  • High socks, tights or leggings worn under skirts should be blue, gray or white

  • Seniors may wear Senior hoodies, except to field trips and formal network events


PE Uniform (Only on Gym days)

  • TYWLS T-Shirt with “Girls Rule” or blank on the back, long or short-sleeved

  • Light gray sweatpants or navy/ grey mesh athletic shorts with TYWLS logo

  • TYWLS Sweatshirt/ with school logo

  • Any Color Sneakers


Friday TYWLS Spirit Day Options

  • Students will be permitted to wear TYWLS gear on Fridays only. This must have the TYWLS logo on it. 

  • Examples include shirts AND hoodies. (PSAL sports jerseys, Tech Crew shirts or hoodies, College Bound Shirts, drama club shirts or hoodies).These school spirit tops can represent any of the clubs/sports/activities that students are a part of.  Must be worn with uniform bottoms and hoodies must be worn with a uniform shirt underneath. 

*Staff members are also encouraged to wear TYWLS-gear on Fridays!


Items to leave in your locker(lockers are in the same rooms where the students have advisory for the year):

  • Personal sweatshirts, hoodies, or any other clothing item that is worn over the uniform

  • Winter Hats, gloves, jackets, baseball caps, bandanas, etc.


Uniform Protocol

  • All students must enter 1st period by 8:00 am in full uniform and remain in uniform until 2:30 pm. 

  • If a student appears in a class without proper uniform, the student receives an E  (*Formerly “Excused” Now “Out of Uniform”) indicating that she is present for class but out of uniform.

  • Students will not be permitted out for lunch when out of uniform. Students are not allowed to change prior to lunch in order to exit the building, if found violating this rule, lunch privileges may be revoked for the year. 


If students are not in full uniform:

1. First time out of uniform: 

  • Teachers enter an “E” on attendance

  • Advisor engages in a conversation with advisee and supports with supplemental uniform pieces. During advisory or lunch, students receive necessary uniform pieces from the advisor or main office and are required to wear their borrowed uniform piece the entire day and return all pieces at the end of the day. 

2. Second time out of uniform: 

  • In addition to the above, the advisor organizes a parent meeting (*Teacher, GC, advisor, admin) meeting. Follow-up comment on labeled second misuse by teacher.

  • Going out for lunch privileges and trip privileges including overnight trips and YWLN events may be revoked.

* Seniors will earn privileges (i.e. purchase and wearing of a senior hoodie, attending senior BBQ, prom, etc)  with consistent adherence to the uniform policy.


3.             Further Infractions Out of Uniform


*Privileges can be reinstated once student demonstrates one consecutive month of regular and PE uniform for each consecutive period of the school day (regulated by advisor). 


Privileges include but are not limited to: out for lunch, school trips, YWLN events, overnight trips,  etc. 


If parents/students can’t afford to purchase the uniform, parents will need to make the necessary arrangements with Parent Coordinator and/or Assistant Principal. 


We appreciate your cooperation in this matter and we look forward to a wonderful year ahead!



TYWLS-Astoria Community


With my advisor and my parent(s), I have read and reviewed the TYWLS - Astoria uniform policy and I agree to uphold the expectations of our school’s policy. 


Student Signature ______________________________________


Parent Signature _______________________________________ 


Advisor Signature ______________________________________

Modest Uniform Site Links: 

We are excited to share the site links for each school where students can purchase the new uniform pieces! 

As rolled out in the uniform starter packs, the pieces should only be ordered in navy for the gym shirt, abaya, and Kurti and the hijabs should be yellow. To learn more about the new uniform pieces, check out this video from SLN's 2019 Empower Breakfast featuring the students of TYWLS Brooklyn's Muslim Student Association who designed them! 

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