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                                                                                              TYWLS-Astoria Uniform Policy 2018-2019




Dear TYWLS Astoria Parents,



Our mission is to encourage community, sisterhood and respect. Our school uniforms are a part of that mission and we are seeking your 

support in following up with our uniform policy. It has come to our attention that some students haven’t been adhering to the School Uniform 

Policy. Every parent agreed and signed a school uniform contract prior to your daughter entering The Young Women’s Leadership School of 

Astoria. We need your support to make sure when your daughter leaves in the morning, she is in full uniform. 


This includes:


*Full Uniform: Includes pants and tops (one item does not count as full uniform)


School Uniform-Grey pants or skirt with short/long sleeve polo shirt with logo. 

               Cardigan/sweater with school logo. 


Gym Uniform- Track pants and jacket, MS Navy blue school t-shirt w/ logo.  HS Grey school t-shirt w/ logo. 

          White Knee-highs, stockings or socks. Any colors sneakers- No boots or shoes allowed.  


When weather conditions require, students can put their boots into their assigned locker when they arrive to school. 

 (*TYWLS spirit zip-up fleeces will be made available for purchase in the coming months) but the school shirt must be shown at all times 

within the building. 


Friday TYWLS-Spirit Day- Students will be permitted to wear TYWLS logo-ed gear on Fridays only (ex: PSAL sport jerseys, Tech Crew 

shirts, drama club shirts).These school spirit tops can represent any of the clubs/sports/activities that students are a part of.  It must be worn 

with a uniform shirt underneath and uniform pants. *Staff members are also encouraged to wear TYWLS-gear on Fridays! 


Uniform Protocol


If students are not in uniform:


1. Teachers will contact parents and log on parent contact Google Doc/Jumprope. 

2. Advisors will be contacted to address individual students, make parent contact and log info into parent contact Google Doc. 

3. If a student consistently (more than 3x in a month) refuses to wear uniforms, going out for lunch privileges and trip privileges will 

be revoked. 


*Seniors will earn privileges (i.e. purchase of a senior hoodie, attending senior BBQ, etc) with consistent adherence to the uniform policy.

Other Possible Results of Not Adhering to Uniform Policy:


* Positive Improvement Sessions-Students will sit with a designated staff member during lunch time for self-improvement and 

positive school environment sessions. Students will be required to create self-improvement journals etc. Ex: How can I represent 

the TYWLS mission? What does it mean to be a TYWLS Astoria future leader? Sessions lengths will vary depending on number of 

times student is out of uniform (Ex: One week or more) 


* Conference meeting with Guidance counselor, parent, student and Assistant Principal will be conducted logged and filed.  

Privileges may be returned if the student adheres to the policy for 1 month on a continuous basis. 


If parents/students can’t afford the uniform, parents will need to make the necessary arrangements with the parent coordinator: 

718-267-2839 Ext. 1100


Please be advised that students will be checked at the main door, class/lunch time on a daily basis for full uniform. 


We appreciate your cooperation in the matter and we look forward to a wonderful year ahead. 




TYWLS-Astoria Community

23-15 Newtown Ave

Astoria, NY 11102

Tel: 718-267-2839
Fax: 718-728-0218

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