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On May 4th, one of our 10th grade students, Mary Tran, passed away after a long treatment for her leukemia.  She joined The Young Women Leadership of School as a freshman. Many may remember her as a cancer patient, but she was so much more than that. To her closest friends, family, and even strangers, she was an artist, listener, and an amazing friend. She is remembered for her smile, curiosity, and positive attitude. Way before cancer, she was known as a fighter. And she still was while fighting it. 


Now, she is in a better place. May the family, friends, and strangers that found her to be a bundle of joy and had the honor of being in her presence be eased through this hardship. 


Let's allow this to be an opprtunity to not take each other for granted and appreciate our TYWLS sisters. 


Rest in peace, Mary Tran. 



Awards and recognition

-Apple Distinguished School

-Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards


-ESA Loft Innovation Awards Three Fellowships

-Whitney M. Young, Jr NextGen Leaders Pitch Competition

-Maestra de Impacto from Univision (Andrea)

- MIT Dream It Code It Win It (2016 Winner)

- Follet Challenge

- White House



Our school won the Follet Challenge! Thank you to all students, teachers and parents that voted! Our TechCrew girls had created a video about Intensives we have in our school. It's a program dedicated to authentically engaging students in their learning. During this two week course, we break down the walls of the traditional school structure, providing the time and space for teachers and students to become critical thinkers of the 21st century.

Click here to view our video & click here to view our case study. 




Our school won an award for demonstrating 

excellence in education through collaboration and for promoting a positive school culture.







Students have the opportunity to participate in college level classes at the local Laguardia Community College.

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