TYWLS of Astoria is Loud and Proud!

Our school has taken part in numerous opportunities which have had successful endings. Here is most of what we have accomplished so far.

Chancellor Discusses Challenges

We recently had the honor of meeting the new NYC School Chancellor, Mr.Carranza. He speaks upon the challenges as Chancellor and was able to meet the talent at TYWLS


The LAMP was a 5-week Multimedia Journalism summer program during which students learned about the news industry through projects, field trips, and guest speakers from various news organizations. Throughout the program, they collaborated to produce the same news story in print, audio, and film, after which they reflected upon how different media affect a consumer's perspective on the news. Individually, students created their own journalism "passion project," through which they reported on a story of personal importance to them using the medium of their choice. As a program dedicated to media literacy education, the goal of The LAMP was to teach students how to analyze and asses the news, detect and avoid bias, and critically evaluate sources of information that they encounter in their everyday lives.

Our school recently had the pleasure of hosting a press conference with Mayor Bill de Blasio, who discussed AP for All and all of it’s positive effects on NYC students. We were also mentioned in a website article, for more information check out the article!

AP For All Press Conference

Hispanic Heritage Youth Award

Our students Michelle Morales and Marielly Luna attended the Hispanic Heritage Youth awards ceremony to celebrate young Latino students who excel in both their classroom and community. Michelle won an award in the category "Innovation & Technology". Marielly won an award in the category "Media & Entertainment". Congrats to both of them!

Generation Citizen Award

Congratulations to our students Kayla Vega, Maryam Elsayed, Nowrin Ahmed, and Marina Esparza, who receieved an award from Generation Citizen, an organization that provides students with better civic education and gives them the oppurtunity to recommend resolutions regarding community issues. Kayla and her group advocated for better snow removal during the winter seasons by contacting city officials and representatives for help in creating a solution. A sector plan is now created to split up the borough into sections and prioritizing areas that need the most cleaning. In addition to this, funding is now provided for more trucks and equipment. The outcome was a great success thanks to these girls!

Adobe’s Youth Coding Initiative: Girls Who Code

"The world we live in today is so technology based that programmers have a lot of power to influence it. So creativity goes hand in hand with programming"


Geraldine Agredo 

Class of 2016

Follet Challenge

The Follett Challenge is an inspiring journey where educators from across the country showcase their innovative programs and how they are aligning their curriculum and approach to teach the skills needed in the 21st century. TYWLS of Astoria won the Follet Challenge by creating a video on intensives that take place in December.  

Girls Who Code Webseries

Check out some of the GWC Webseries that some of our TYWLS girls were a part of!

Apple Distinguished School 

Our school has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished since 2013. We have recently been recognized again for 2015-2017. 

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