Type in your child's FIRST legal name here 

Type in your child's LAST legal name here 

Student ID number is the OISIS number. It's a 9-digit code used on students' test exams and ID cards when entering schools. It's like their social security number. It's crucial they remember it. Ask your child or your child's school for it if you don't already know.


Type it it in like this: 000000000

Type in your home phone number here: 000-000-000

Follow example at the bottom and type in your FULL address. 

The password is the student ID number you previously typed in the box named "Student ID." Just retype the 9-digit code as the password here. 

JumpRope is TYWLS grading site where you will be able to see your child's progress and final report card here. You will also be able to be updated on your child's grades, schedule, and attendance through all their classes just by logging on. 

Click this for child's schedule. TYWLS runs on lock periods, so there is A day and B days, respectively speaking. We start the year off by A days and go conseuqently from there. Days off will not hinder the order of the days. 


Lock periods means your child may have Advisory one day and PE the other.

Be in the know about missing work for your child and help them manage their time well to hand in future work. TYWLS grading policy is very flexible, so full advantage must be taken by the student. 

See picture below with NY, MS, ES for futher information on this. 

"Welcome" tab is the tab that opens up right away once you log in to yourchild's account. It is the like "home" page of the site. The shortcuts for "Grade Alerts," "Current Grades,"  and "Attendance" is on it. Feel free to use the short cut or the tab illustrated above. Same results will be given no matter what. 

See pictures on the side for a visual. Next to this visual will be a graph to help you better visualize your child's attence. However, the side images will depict a more active and accurate visual for your understanding. 


A means Absent. P means Present. E means Excused. T means Tardy or Late. 

How TYWLSA's Grading System Works

Below is an example of a struggling students' Chemistry (11th grade class) grades. The structure JumpRope provides to student's, parent's, and teacher's is to help visualize the grades in a well-organized and accessible manner. The structure is: SUBJECT > OVERALL ACADEMIC MASTERY > OUTCOMES (this shows overall grade for the outcome individually, not the total average) > EVIDENCE FOR THE OUTCOMES  (once you click on the OUTCOMES, it opens up a drop down menu, which display evidences used to grade the total individual outcome). All the outcomes used for that subject is then totaled into one whole average.

ES/E: Exceeding Standard=Student has not only met the standards expected of her, but has taken the initiative on her own to go above and beyond in the skill. (90%-100%) 


MS/M: Meeting Standard=Student has met the standards expected of her. Sufficient/Satisfactory. (65%-85%) 


NY: Not Yet=student is has not yet mastered in the skill expected of her. Insufficient. (0%-64%) 


U: Unrated=ungraded (due to not enough evidences for the outcome to be totaled individually) 


A: Absent (due to student is missing work, assumed to be an equiavalent to a NY) 

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