The Adopt and Save Club had been in existence for more than 5 years. It is the goal of the club to bring a strong awareness among the students and the community as a whole on how we can save our endangered species. It aims to continue its “Adopt & Save a Manatee" project, wherein the club has adopted more than 10 manatees. It is and has been a registered club of the mother organization, Adopt And Save the Manatee Organization based in Florida. The club involves itself on both academic and non-academic activities particularly in bringing awareness to the whole community about endangered species of animals and plants. The club does education campaigns within the whole school and even visits other neighboring schools.


In this club, you will be introduced to a variety of fun, physical activities such as step aerobics, jogging/running, Pilates, yoga, and dance that will help improve your current fitness level, whether you are a beginner or already an athlete.  In addition to working out, you will also learn crucial skills for creating and/or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes establishing goals, maintaining motivation, exhibiting self-control, making wise decisions about your diet, etc.  (This club will work in conjunction with Family Fitness, so this is a great alternative if you can't make it in the morning!)



Drama club is a chance for the students in the school with a strong interest in theater arts and design to experience a semi-professional process. There is an audition, weekly rehearsal and a very intense tech week and final performance week. The focus is on create a piece of theater that the girls can be proud of and has a very authentic audience.  The goal is to:


  • Give girls an opportunity to truly experience a theatrical process

  • Create an artistic community that values the process and the product

  • Give girls a chance to explore the design and technical theater aspects of the process.


This after school program offers a variety of classes including, robotics, stop-motion animated movie making and game creation. The curriculum is on the cutting edge of technology and the robotics program utilizes the Lego® Mindstorm® NXT robots and prepares middle school students for High School Robotics Competitions.




In this ensemble students will learn how to read music and sing with good vocal technique as they prepare to perform in a winter and spring concert.  The ensemble may even participate in a vocal competition towards the end of the year.



We will collaborate with the Multicultural Club to present the Multicultural Dances that take place on Multicultural Night.  Our goal is to:

  • Share traditional dances 

  • Bring rich culture in a fun and expressive way to our school environment 

  • Create a more open-minded environment when teaching and learning about different cultures 

  • Develop dance technique and choreography skills

  •  Encourage fitness through dance

  •  Encourage healthy habits through dance (warm-ups and exercise)


The talent show is a drama club fundraiser. It is open to all students and all talents!  The Goal of the Talent Show is to:


  • Give students a chance to show off their amazing talent!

  • Give younger students a chance to get to know what it feels like to perform under the guidance of older students.

  • Raise money for next year’s production

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