CHAMPS: Middle School

*For tryouts, make sure you have a parent consent form signed and get a concussion fact sheet before you go to tryouts.*

Fall Sports

  • Soccer

    • Season: Fall (October 10th to December 16th)

    • Tryouts: June

    • Coach: Meryem Ibrahim

Winter Sports

  • Volleyball

    • Season: Winter (January 2nd to March 10th)

    • Games: On Saturdays

    • Coach: Catherine Garro

Spring Sports

  • Basketball

    • Season: Spring (March 19th to June 9th)

    • Games: On Saturdays

    • Coach: Akhil Kumar

*TRYOUTS for each sport will be the first or second day of the season. Coaches will determine the specific dates/times for practices. Practices will be minimum one hour and maximum two hours in one day.*


23-15 Newtown Ave

Astoria, NY 11102

Tel: 718-267-2839
Fax: 718-728-0218

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