Admissions » High School Application information for Current 8th Graders at TYWLS Astoria

High School Application information for Current 8th Graders at TYWLS Astoria

High School Application information for Current 8th Graders at TYWLS Astoria

Dear TYWLS 8th Grade Students, Staff, and Families,

Many of you have been asking about the High School Application Process.  Here are 3 important notes you MUST read, and more information is included below.  After these difficult school years, we encourage you to have important conversations about whether this process is right for your family, and not have students evaluating their academic or social worth or raising their anxiety through this process where they will receive support on all steps and deadlines.

1) All TYWLS Astoria students are guaranteed and encouraged admission to TYWLS Astoria for high school, which is statistically one of the best rated NYC DOE schools in the city for college access in all fields, and where we value the benefit of working with your child for 7 years. 

2) The DOE is just releasing information on this year's process which may include different criteria and deadlines due to COVID-19.  See some key events from TYWLS Astoria and DOE linked below.  Schools should be researched with safety, location, academics, and extracurricular goals in mind, not simply word-of-mouth, with an eye on making a realistic list of strongly preferred schools.  HS books will be given to all 8th grade students next Monday 11/1/21

November 2, 1pm to 1:45pm: TYWLS Astoria 8th Grade Virtual HS Admissions Event
November 2, 5pm to 5:45pm TYWLS Astoria 8th Grade Virtual HS Admissions Event (Replayed)
November 3, 3pm to 4pm | NYC DOE Virtual HS Admissions Event held in English. Interpretation provided in: Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian
November 4, 6pm to 7pm | NYC DOE Virtual HS Admissions Event  held in English. Interpretation provided in: Spanish, Mandarin, French
November 9, 6pm to 7pm | NYC DOE Virtual HS Admissions Event held in English. Interpretation provided in: Arabic, Bangla, Urdu
November 10, 4:30 to 5:15pm TYWLS Astoria 8th Grade Virtual HS Admissions Event (Replayed) 


As always and more than ever, we encourage students to consider staying at our school for high school as one of the highest performing college-prep schools in the city.  If you plan to stay at TYWLS Astoria, you can do this by listing only program Q56A on your application, or emailing Gayathri, School Counselor at  

We do however, respect and support explorations outside TYWLS Astoria, and those applying to schools outside TYWLS Astoria will need to create a account. If you need your Account Creation Code, please email Gayathri, School Counselor at

Should you choose to apply out, you should research new guidelines and apply via MySchools between January 18 - February 22. 2021, and reach out to Gayathri, School Counselor at *with a parent* for a meeting for support and review of your application. Please read school descriptions and criteria carefully after January 18, as guidelines have been updated due to the pandemic and 2019-20 school year.

All applications, whether applying to TYWLS Astoria only or outside schools, will require parent verification in MySchools and email to school counselor confirming receipt.

Gayathri (School Counselor) will…

Student/Family should…

Train students on MySchools account creation, search tools, and building an application

Research schools based on location, safety, graduation rate, your child’s admissions eligibility, and other interests

Explain how Main Round application and guaranteed match to TYWLS works

Visit fairs and required open houses of any schools of interest

Support students with research skills and comparison to TYWLS offerings in Advisory 

Support their child in making personal, realistic, and future-focused choices

Remind students of key deadlines and steps including SHS test registration and date

Register for SHS, tests, auditions, or interviews on MySchools or individual school sites

Review any drafts on request before submission for eligibility, choice order, and finalize.

Draft application with informed choices to review with counselor before submission if desired.


See this video on how to begin High School research from our Advisory lessons.

Specialized High School (SHSAT) Test 

Each year, some of our current 8th graders choose to take the SHSAT, the exam for entrance into Specialized High Schools, 9 large competitive high schools in the city.  We urge you to research these schools and your areas of interest and school culture.  These schools only accept based on this test, and preparation materials can be found on the DOE Admissions site.

For the 2021-22 school year, the SHS will be administered on site at TYWLS Astoria for our students with COVID-19 safety protocols at a date, time, and other details to be determined after further guidance from NYC DOE.

To register, students and families may do so on by January 15, and/or several Advisory meetings and outreaches will be made by Gayathri, School Counselor to help confirm and complete registration for those interested.

See this video testimonial from Sadiqua Khan, current grade 10 student on her SHS experience, and choice to stay at TYWLS.


For more information, please see the DOE Admissions website or email