Admissions » NYC DOE 2021-22 Admissions (TYWLS Astoria) December 2020

NYC DOE 2021-22 Admissions (TYWLS Astoria) December 2020



December 21, 2020 

Dear TYWLS Families,

We wanted to reach out with key information from the NYC DOE 2021-22 Admissions, and how it applies to TYWLS Astoria.  

Middle School Admissions for 6th Grade for 2021-22

Due to the pandemic/remote learning making student data from Spring 2020 inaccurate or inequitable, the NYC DOE has paused all Screened Admissions (admissions based on grades, test scores, attendance, who comes to open house) for the 2021-22 school year. 

This means for 5th grade students interested in our school: TYWLS Astoria and all NYC DOE middle schools are required to accept all applicants admitted through a lottery.  Applicants will apply through their 5th grade counselor and the MySchools online system from January 11 - February 8, 2021 and they will be placed in lotteries for schools where they apply, with the DOE aiming to match them to their highest choice.  We ask you to view our 2021-22 Open House to make sure TYWLS Astoria is the right fit for you.

High School Admissions for 9th Grade for 2021-22

The NYC DOE has eliminated zoned priority for districts, and encouraged Screened High Schools to eliminate or update their Admissions Criteria.  

This means for 8th grade students outside our school: TYWLS Astoria is currently working on our High School Admissions Criteria for next year, but historically, we have had limited 9th grade seats in GE and SWD (under 20) because of our continuing 8th graders.  

This means for 8th grade students within our school: As always and more than ever, we encourage students to consider staying at our school for high school as one of the highest performing college-prep schools in the city.  Should you choose to apply out, you should research new guidelines and apply via MySchools between January 18 - February 22. 2021, and reach out to Gayathri **with a parent** for a meeting for support.  Should you be interested in Specialized High Schools, the test will administered at TYWLS Astoria on a date TBD after January 27, and all students will be given an opportunity to register.


Current TYWLS Astoria 8th grade families, and prospective 5th grade and 8th grade families outside our community will receive more information and updates as they are released including

--> A short video summarizing all updates
--> ALL updates on Admissions page on website with translation button

--> 1:1 meetings with Gayathri for any student + parent interested in applying out

--> Several reminders and details for Specialized High School registration

--> 8th grade Advisory information on how to complete an outside or continuing application


Please read the NYC DOE guidelines in detail here before we turn to misinformation or anxiety in this hot topic and time, and email [email protected].  We look forward to supporting you. 

Thank you,

Gayathri Iyer 

School Counselor 

[email protected]