How to Apply

Admissions Process
The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria participates in the NYC DOE Middle School and High School Admissions process for 6th and 9th grade.
Students and families should meet with their current 5th and 8th grade School Counselor respectively to list our school and apply by the Fall admissions deadline of December 1 via their MySchools account using the program code Q56M (6th Grade) or Q56A (9th Grade). Please be advised that due to priority for our continuing 8th Graders, we have a very limited number of 9th grade seats.
Students outside the NYC DOE or those interested in transferring for grades 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12 should visit the NYC DOE Queens North Family Welcome Center at 28-11 Queens Plaza North for eligibility for an open seats, subject to availability and school criteria.
Admissions Criteria
*For school year 2020-21 and prior - please click below for 2021-22 information.
The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria is a Screened program open to students residing in Queens. Applicants are ranked based on the following criteria, and the Office of Enrollment notifies students and families of their final Admissions match.
- Grades in Core Subjects (4th or 7th Grade respectively)
- New York State Test Scores in ELA and Math (4th or 7th Grade respectively)
- Attendance (4th or 7th Grade respectively)
- Open House Attendance, Essay, and Group Interview Score
- In line with the NYC DOE, TYWLS Astoria offers general education and special education seats and ELL services, and all students are welcome to apply.
- Students and families should not separately submit school report cards, test scores, or other work directly to the school, and we are not permitted to consider personal recommendations, sibling priority, parent interviews or contact, or other documentation or awards for Admissions.

Open Houses
We value students and families with an interest and commitment to our TYWLS Astoria mission for seven years. For equity, we offer four Open Houses for students and families to meet our student and staff community, see highlights of our academics, activities, and school spaces in several languages but are unable to guarantee private or small group tours before or after the Open House sessions.
You can check our school calendar in the fall for Open House dates, typically in October and November on evenings or Saturdays. Students and families are encouraged to arrive half an hour before and doors will close at start time.
Your child must attend the Open House to participate in the on-demand Essay and Group Interview, which is factored in their Admissions score. There is no preparation or materials needed to participate.
For any other questions regarding Admissions, please contact our School Counselor, Gayathri Iyer