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We are happy to announce that PupilPath is going to be a new platform for communicating between students and parents with teachers and our school.  We recognize that we have a few platforms and they are used for different purposes in this new hybrid and virtual learning environment. 


Here is a quick overview of our MUST have digital platforms and how we are using them (plus, we love the EARTH, and are really excited about this opportunity to move paperless!):

Digital Platform 

USED for...


For SIGNATURES or official forms, replacing any paper forms we needed parent or student signatures (Blue Card, tech policy sign off, etc) 

Pupil Path 

To communicate with teachers, parents, counselors, view attendance, etc (more below) 


To view schedules and grades 


TYWLS News updates, school updates, important guidance documents.

*(@tywls-astoria.org) for students only to view all documents, slides, etc. 

*Parents, if you do not receive our emails from TYWLS News, please email [email protected] 


There are so many EXCITING REASONS for us to use the PUPIL PATH platform!


This portal allows the parents to access the details like:

  • Translations in your home language
  • Communication directly from your hand held MOBILE device (once you download the app!)
  • View your child’s schedule 
  • Student’s progress reports throughout the entire year.
  • The attendance record of the child.
  • School announcements, new calendar lists, and upcoming events along with the latest updates regarding the school.
  • The behavior of the child in the school.

 Below is a step-by-step guide to registering for PupilPath.


This is a parent registration video in Spanish: Parent Registration - Spanish (Video)


How to Register for PupilPath (Students and Parents) in the Mobile App

When using a mobile device, students and parents only need the student ID number, date of birth and an email address to register. 


****Students and parents should use different email addresses to prevent errors in app. 

Students: please use your TYWLS email addresses.

 Parents: please use your personal email addresses. 


Instructions HERE:

You can find instructions detailing how to download our mobile apps here PupilPath Mobile - How to Download the App. Once the PupilPath app is installed on a device, to register tap the Registration tab then select Student or Parent.

There are FIVE EASY  steps to complete registration! 


The first step is to enter a first name, last name and email address.

  1. and   2.   Then click Continue. The parent email used for the activation code should be different from the email address used for the student account. Once more, students please use TYWLS emails, parents use personal emails. 
  1. Next select the school.  When selecting our school please use THIS CODE  30Q286 (not the name of the school!) Enter the following information:
  1. Student ID (This is your 9 digit OSIS number that can be found in your NYC Schools account, or on any report card or transcript from a NYC Public School.  If you do not know your OSIS number please log into your NYC Schools account.
  2. Date of birth must be entered in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY 

***Once the information is verified an email will be sent to the email address provided. Click the link in the email to send the code to the app.

  1. Enter the password twice then tap Activate to complete registration.

You now have a Pupil Path ACCOUNT!