Jonathan Ryberg joined the TYWLS-Astoria staff in 2008, and has been teaching 8th grade science, and 9th grade Living Environment. . He enjoys watching students make connections between their experiences and what they are learning in the classroom.


Jackie Shendler joined TYWLS of Astoria in 2010 as a Social Studies teacher. Currently, she teaches 8th grade Humanities. Jackie loves reading, traveling, and getting her students involved in their community and government.



José Orea is a vibrant mathematician and a robotics and technology lover. His favorite units of study are those project-based ones that awaken his students to the formulas, patterns, and math present all around us in our everyday life. When he is not teaching 8th grade math at TYWLS, he can be found playing, watching, and supporting sports.

Devin Chowske is the 7th and 8th grade Humanities teacher. He also teaches acting and film to the 9th and 10th grade.

James Franco joined TYWLS of Astoria in 2013 as a PE/Health Teacher. He currently teaches PE for grades 6-12. As the Athletic Director, he coaches PSAL volleyball for the HS and supervises all athletic programs for the school. Our school now has a CHAMPS program for Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball. For our HS level and PSAL program there is a Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, and Outdoor Track & Field Team. There will be more opportunities for more sports as the year continues. James is active in a variety of sports and activities like volleyball, weight lifting, swimming, and snowboarding. He also enjoys great food, watching sports and traveling.

​​​Andrea Chaves joined TYWLS of Astoria in 2009 as a Spanish teacher. Currently, she teaches Spanish I, Spanish III, Spanish for Native Speakers and the Technology Internship.​


Caitlin Stanton joined the TYWLS of Astoria team in 2007. She teaches Musical Theater, Costume Design, Masks and Puppetry, Advanced Scene Study and likes long walks on the beach. She runs the TYWLS of Astoria Drama Club with the help of some amazing staff and students.


Julia Hurn is really really excited to be teaching at TYWLS this year. She feels like she’s getting back to her original music education roots with smaller class sizes, and a very community oriented school. She has been teaching for 15 years, and is a musician opera singer by training. She is very enthusiastic about singing and all kinds of music.

Michelle Barrata teaches AP 2D Design, high school beginning and intermediate art, and middle school art.

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